2. With his pen and ink drawings on paper, the artist found/developed, what he think is his unique signature to show what he believes: the interaction between reality and fantasy.

    Filomina Pawar.

    (Source: ericgcweets.weebly.com)


  3. Fragment of “90 days from B to C” on a a book cover.

    I am so very glad for Eric :-)

    Dear Mr. Eric G. C. Weets

    We are a Dutch publishing house on psychology and psychiatry and we are considering to use a part of one of your impressive works for the cover of one of our books.

    Would that be possible?

    We are considering to use a part of painting number one,……

    Hogrefe Publishers
    The Netherlands

    (Source: ericgcweets.weebly.com)


  4. ""I would like to put so much on one painting that there is nothing left to see anymore". Eric G. C. Weets"

  5. Eric G. C. Weets spreekt over dood en sterven, terwijl hij eet zijn favoriete soep.

    Eric G. C. Weets speaks about death and dying while he eats his favorite soup.

    The paintings can be seen at : http://ericgcweets.weebly.com/


  6. Artist Eric G. C. Weets in his second video series titled, “Mealtime Monologues” while eating pulav and curry.

    Today he is talking about painting, food and COPD, the disease he is suffering from.

    Eric regrets that the video had to be stopped earlier than he intended because he got breathless.


  7. "

    “I drew one line after another or I should rather say wrote the figures, without making any preliminary sketch, directly on the canvas with black oil paint. I wanted to put all the discoveries made in my mind without (or as less as possible) interfering in the process. What came up in my mind then, is what you see on the canvas. I think colors distract. Just black and white is direct, honest and the figures were put as and how they came - straight from the mind. By coloring or even shadowing, the link would have been broken”.

    "Black and white is the most simple, most pure, most clear and holds mysticism in it. When the black paint or ink touched the surface of the canvas, it could not be removed. Even mistakes could not be repaired. All what the hand drew, came straightaway out of the subconscious and I think direct line and a minimum of basic colors are the best ways to approach the subconscious with. All that I could do afterwards such as repairing or coloring is too much thought about and that is just what I wanted to avoid. I wanted to stay true to the original source and there I left it”.


    (Source: ericgcweets.weebly.com)

  8. 'Flower man', ink on canvas by Eric G. C. Weets. Made in #India

    (Source: ericgcweets.weebly.com)

  9. 'Suppressed', 2012, Black ink on paper, by Eric G. C. Weets. Made in India.

    (Source: ericgcweets.weebly.com)

  10. 'Booted', 2012, Black ink on paper by Belgian artist Eric G. C. Weets. Made in India.

    (Source: ericgcweets.weebly.com)